About Us

The cornerstone on which Pashupati Group stands unique is the strength of its TEAM that has worked cohesively since the Group’s inception. With unified commitment, the young and energetic ‘skilled experts’ in the team, have always strived for a common goal. No wonder, today the Group narrates a story of triumph.

The business trajectory of Pashupati has not been smooth but the final result is a testimony to the statement -‘Individual skills and expertise win games but team skills and expertise win championships.’

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Social Responsibility

Pashupati Group has ably sought to integrate social concerns in its business operations. The group is cognizant of the needs of the people who works for it and undertakes social activities to ensure well being of its workers and society at large in the fields of education, health and skill development. In order to ensure result orientness of social initiatives and commitment in the form of time and financial resources is mandatory. Completely understanding the significance of both of these factors, Pashupati has always believed in dedicating its time and financial resources in equal ratio. No wonder there has ever been a downfall in the happiness index of the people associated with the Group. A step further, to guarantee sustainability to its initiatives, the Group has created a resource, called ‘The Shreenath Charitable Trust (SCT)’ so at all times, the activities continue with the same zest.

What We Are ?

“Pashupati Group”

A platform where innovation, dedication, honesty and optimism converge to deliver SUCCESS.


To use the strength of our unity is to achieve the highest standards of success that spells quality and is sustainable amidst the toughest competition.

Our Motto

  • To constantly redefine ‘ QUALITY ‘ on the premise of best practices and world class standards
  • To create eco-cultured industry environment for betterment of workers, society and industry.

Our Passion

To translate perseverance and determination into triumph.

Group Statistics

  • Turnover : Rs. 800 Cr. (135 million USD)
  • Man Power : 700 people


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